General terms is public-oriented website for adult audience which provides its platforms for registered members to communicate in video chat in real time.

Main rules and principles of activity:

1. We strictly follow to all rules, social and legal norms. The same requirement extends to all registered participants.

2. In any case we do not register users under 18 years of age (21 for U.S. users and some other countries, where 18 years is not considered the age of majority).

3. In every possible way we try to restrict the access of children and non-adults using the services ICRA and RTA.

4. We do not provide escort services and do not promote their provision.
With none of the participants, we do not conclude any contracts. The rights and responsibilities of participants are registered in the user agreement and other statutory website rules that participant has to realize during the registration.

5. We do not publish material containing insulting, degrading, discrediting information regarding other participants; containing hints on pedophilia, zoophilia, suicide, infliction on bodily injury; calling for racism, war, intolerant attitude towards others on any grounds, etc.

6. We are not responsible for your actions on the site (assignation by you your own personal information, passwords, logins, etc. to other users, the relationship with the other participants, disputes and discussions. Etc.). Site can consider your complaint on unlawful actions of other participants.

Refusal of registration / lock / delete an account:

1. Personal participant desire to delete his (own) account.

2. Rude and / or repeated violation of the website rules.

3. Use of the site for commercial purposes

4. Violation antispam policy.

5. Copyright violation.

6. Provision of false information when registering on the website.

7. Fraud and illegal activities on the site.

8. Obscene, offensive behavior.

9. Detection of the materials clearly erotic nature in "free chat" and on the images those are publicly available to all site visitors.

10. Contacts exchange between participants (phone, e-mail, ICQ, skype, social networking etc.)

If you think that the blocking of your account was not justified, send your request to support service on

We pay your attention to the fact that all rules of the website use may be changed periodically. We strongly recommend you periodically review user information concerning changes and updates. Use continuation of the website service after changes is treated as your acceptance with these terms.